Make A Referral

If you are approached about or become aware of discriminatory conduct, take action with "The 3 Rs":

Referring students and employees affected by discrimination to OIE is as easy as sending an email. OIE will provide you with a sample of a "The 3 Rs" email upon request. If you have any questions about the referral question or would like assistance in drafting a referral email, please contact us at or 520-621-9449.


  • In person, show empathy, neutrality, provide a brochure, and refer to OIE.
  • Follow up by email, reminding the concerned party that OIE (or DOS) is the campus resource for handling discriminatory treatment. Please do not include a heavily detailed report of the alleged conduct or make conclusions that laws/policies have been violated. 
  • Provide contact information: 520-621-9449,, and 
  • Attach brochures to the email.


  • "cc" OIE in the same outgoing email at
  • (You may decide to call OIE yourself if the alleged conduct is egregious, or presents a continuing danger, and you are concerned the affected student or employee will not reach out for assistance).


  • Save your email correspondence. 

  • The email is a record of your actions, maintained in your files, as well as OIE's.