Office of Institutional Equity

Who We Are

We support the University of Arizona’s commitment to creating and maintaining an environment
that is inclusive and free of discriminatory conduct.

What We Do

Our office advances the University of Arizona’s shared values of inclusion and equity and leads efforts
to uphold policies that prohibit discriminatory conduct and treatment in our community.

How We Do It

We support an inclusive, discrimination-free environment for Arizona staff, faculty, students and community members
by providing relevant resources and assistance. Supportive services include:

  • Guiding employees in referring affected individuals to our office
  • Providing advice, guidance and support to parties and their supervisors
  • Presenting options and resources to promote safety and well-being
  • Facilitating resolution of concerns
  • Conducting impartial, fair and equitable investigations
  • Partnering with administrators and supervisors to protect against retaliation
  • Offering general and targeted educational training programs to prevent discrimination and harassment

Get in Touch

For questions, contact us by calling 520-621-9449 or emailing